Tucker 1027

Car Number: 1027
Location: Parts in various locations
Original Paint Code/Color: 200 Waltz Blue
Current Paint Color: None
Original Interior Color: 920 Blue
Current Interior Color: None
Body Number: 1027
Original Engine Number: 33522
Current Engine Number: None
Transmission Type: Y1
On Display? No

* Car was rolled in testing at Indy  by Tucker Corp.

It wasn’t the prettiest car in the auction, nor the most valuable, and certainly wasn’t road-able, but this 1948 Tucker had an inquisitive crowd around it all weekend.  Presenting a very unusual project, the package known as lot number 684 included the experimental chassis and cowl #52 (only 51 production Tuckers were originally built),  several body panels from car #27, the car that was rolled at Indianapolis, a complete front clip from Tucker #18, which was scrapped after an accident in the late ’40s, and such miscellaneous pieces as an extra hood, deck lid, door, etc., plus rear end sheet metal.  Also included were 2 Tucker engines, bumpers, grilles, door handles, and much more, certainly enough to build at least one car with lots of parts left over.  When the gavel fell, the new owner – a museum – had bought everything for $28,500, plus 10 percent buyer’s premium.  It was far less than the $50,000 to $75,000 the experts predicted; some speculated that even $100,000 wasn’t out of line in view of the current market for restored Tuckers, which is roughly $250,000 to $350,000.