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Curator Level TACA Members can access the online Archives by clicking on “Members” on the navigation panel at the top of the screen, then selecting “TACA Archives Database.”

Our Vision:

The TUCKER AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AMERICA, part of the AACA Museum, Inc., through the TCA, strives to preserve records and artifacts that tell the story of Preston Tucker, the Tucker automobile, and all of the people who contributed to its history. Frank Tucker, a cousin to Preston Tucker, established the Archives, and under his direction, the collection grew from a single photo of Preston Tucker to thousands of items. The Archives continue to grow and are currently being placed into a computerized inventory and digital photo database under the guidance of TCA Director Mark Lieberman. The digitized Archives will provide greater accessibility to the Tucker legend for other museums, students, and enthusiasts to strengthen their Tucker awareness.

We depend on donations, large and small, to maintain the TCA.

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